Edge Detail Selections

Standard Edge Details


Eased Edge  - This common Edge offers a simple, clean look.  It is slightly rounded. This slight curve adds movement and tames the sharp edges.

Half Bullnose - A round Edge.  This style shows off the thickness of the slab and adds a greater curve than the Eased Edge.

Demi Bullnose - This Edges curve extends further back on the countertop than the Eased and Half Bullnose Edge and  directs any spills away from your cabinets.


Designer Series Edge Details


1/4 Top Bevel - This subtle Edge highlights the thickness of the slab, a very smooth, flowing Edge.

Triple Pencil - Three "bumps" down the side of the countertop are created by using a special router bit or can be built up by gluing different profiles together.

Chiseled - This Edge is more of a rustic or natural look, perfect for your outdoor space.

Full Bullnose - Full, gentle curve with no sharp edges giving the illusion the slab is thinner than it actually is. Contemporary look.

Ogee Edge - This design has a concave arch that flows into a convex arch.  A very traditional appearance, a timeless classic.

DuPont Edge - Similar to a Demi Bullnose and sometimes called "Birds Beak Edge". This edge provides a notch at the top of the bevel on the countertop side.