Granite Countertops Kansas City


  • Granite is an excellent, durable choice for kitchen countertops

  • Granite is a core extracted stone that is supplied from all over the world, the stone blocks are cut into slabs or made into tiles and then polished for installation 

  • Major modern exporters of granite include Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Spain and Sweden

  • Granite shows slight, natural variations in the hue and pattern of each slab of stone

  • Easy Maintenance- Granite requires sealer applied once per year

  • Increases the Equity in Your Home

  • Beautiful and Unique Appearance


The same stone can have different names depending on the quarry and stone supplier 

 -Black Pearl is the same stone as Opalescence

-Giallo Arctic is the same stone as Verde Fusion


Granite Finishes:

-Polished- this is the standard finish- the stone has a glossy finish

-Honed- the stone has a matte finish

-Brushed- the stone has texture on the surface and typically has no sheen

(Not all stone is offered in Honed or Brushed Finishes)